What We Can Offer You

Not only is it a legal requirement in terms of the Companies Act to maintain proper accounting records, it’s also an important financial management tool for all business owners. Speak to us about outsourcing your monthly payroll and bookkeeping with a tailored cost effective package.
The South African Revenue Service “SARS” provides all tax payers and businesses easy access to a user friendly, innovative online portal to file tax returns. Without a doubt, SARS Efiling is one of the best platforms by any international standard. With a shared profile functionality it allows all tax payers to have shared access to all online submissions and reporting together with their Tax Practitioner. Trust & Transparency between you and your Tax Practitioner has never been easier!
“I Owe, I need Help!” We offer managed structured debt relief solutions and assistance with various debt compromise options, which does not only absolve persons of their debt, but also endeavours to educate and assist managing one’s debt and finances.
“Liquidate or Compromise” – Unfortunately sometimes, either in business or in one’s personal circumstance, debt may become a negative insurmountable hurdle. Liquidation is a last resort measure that we try avoid and negate through clear communication with creditors to reach a compromise that is amicable with affordable settlement arrangements.
Deceased Estates comes into existence when a person dies and leaves property and /or other assets. Such an estate must then be administered and distributed in terms of the deceased will or, if there is no valid will, in terms of the Intestate Succession Act. When the deceased is a spouse or loved one, being the executor of the estate can be a daunting and formidable task. Our specialist services can be of invaluable assistance with the winding up of an estate quickly and tax efficiently.
Did you know that if you employ a domestic worker/s or employ casual labour/s either in your business and /or personal capacity, you are required to register with Labour (UIF) & Workman Compensation (WCC), as well as adhere to various other legislative regulations? Employment Equity is now also an integral compliance requirement for most Employers in South Africa. Strict compliance is also required in respect of filing annual WCC & EE returns. We assist with quick and correct registrations, as well as preparation and filing of annual returns.
How often do you need to apply for vehicle finance? Purchase a property? Renew or extend your overdraft? Apply for a business loan? Selling your business? BEE compliance? A tender application? Or simply applying for vendor credit? Is your Monthly Management and/or Annual Financial Reporting readily available to win that tender or expedite that finance facility? 
Most business owners are not aware that it’s a criminal offence to not timeously submit and pay the monthly liability in respect of VAT & PAYE returns. Let us help your business avoid unnecessary risk of prosecution and /or fines, penalties & interest of up to 200%, which could be imposed for non-compliance.
Contracts and Agreements play an important role to protect the interests of companies, business owners and shareholders, from employment contracts to sale agreements. Just as important is that a contract or agreement be drawn up by a competent and knowledgeable person to ensure enforceability and still be within the framework of current legislation.
A significant aspect of estate planning is preparing for the administration process of disposing and distribution of one’s assets after death. An effective instrument to protect assets whilst still alive is with a Trust. A Trust can protect and secure your assets from risk and liability. It is especially important for self employed persons to limit their exposure and make sure their assets are not vulnerable. It’s also important that before registering a Trust one is fully versed as to the administration and taxation as well as all the advantages/disadvantages of a Trust.
“Oh My Word! My company has been de-registered! How did this happen?”, “My accountant assured me that all the Company Tax Returns have been filed with SARS! My company is not even trading! My company only owns a property! My company is part of a family trust! My Company has no income! My Company is dormant!” SARS compliance is not CIPC compliance. How sure are you that your Company Annual CIPC returns have been filed and the Annual fee paid? Are you aware of all of the other company statutory and legislative requirements?
Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, sole proprietor or just the average individual tax payer, we all want to pay as little tax as possible and still be compliant. Tax saving and benefits are different for each person or entity. And for this reason tax planning must be individually structured to maximise saving before one has to file your company or personal tax return.