Filing season for individuals starts July 2019 to November 2019
It is a legal requirement in terms of the Companies Act to maintain proper accounting records.
Deceased Estates comes into existence when a person dies and leaves property and /or other assets.
We are qualified to advise you on the various sequestration and liquidation avenues.

About Us

DLA Accounting provides full function bookkeeping and payroll solutions, tailored to each of our client’s requirements. Our dedicated back office compliment of knowledgeable and trained personnel is supported by a Principal IT and Cloud Infrastructure securely hosted off-site.

Our clients, Small/Medium/Large, have reliance in a well managed payroll, as well as diligent Monthly and Annual Financial Reporting. Clients are also assured by Timeous Tax & Compliant Statutory Filing with Revenue, which is a crucial facet of financial compliance for any business or individual.

Together with our Legal & Corporate Governance Associates, we are able to provide individuals and businesses with a wide array of personal and professional services that are efficient and affordable.

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Our Services

Monthly Bookkeeping and Payroll

Companies and Individuals Tax Returns

Trust Registration / Trust Administration

Deceased Estates / Estate Tax Filing

Preparation of Monthly and Annual Financial Reporting

Workman Compensation / Employment Equity

Debt Counselling / Debt Administration

Preparation and filing of statutory monthly VAT & PAYE returns

Company Liquidations / SARS Debt Compromise

Company Registrations, Secretarial and Registry Maintenance

Company Agreements & Legal Contracts

Taxation Consulting / Tax Saving

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